Eric Fayolle

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You may choose from several finishes before ordering a print.

Tirage seul
Unframed print

The photograph is printed with a 5cm white border on all sides, allowing for different types of framing.
The print is signed and numbered in the border along the bottom edge of the print.

Aluminium laminated with rear mounted chassis

The photograph is permanently laminated onto a 2mm thick rigid sheet of Dibond™ to match the print size. A 2.5mm section aluminium chassis is rear mounted and inset by 5cm. This finish guarantees excellent rigidity and allows the print to sit out from the wall.

Contre-collage Contre-collage

Dibond™ panels

Dibond is a very light and rigid composite panel with a core of polyethylene sandwiched between two sheets of aluminium. This material is rot proof and rust proof.

Shadow box frame

The print is permanently laminated onto a 1mm thick sheet of aluminium to match the print size.
This then fitted into a wooden box frame that has a graphite and wax patina, which gives a dark grey lead pencil finish.

Cadre américain

Frame size: 9mm wide, 35mm deep.
There is a 5 to 7mm space between the inner edge of the frame and the print.
The finish is a sober and elegant glassless frame.

Cadre américain